Dog Day Care

Two-hours (Package Only) — $50 for 5 visits or 10 visits for $90: up to 2 hours of exercise and attention at our facility. Perfect for the dog whose owner wants to get a good workout at the gym, do some shopping or get the carpets cleaned.

Half-day (2-6 hours) — $21: up to 6 hours. Ideal for the dog whose owner is close by but not able to get her outside often enough. Instead of crating her, bring her to Double Dog where she can romp and play.
Prepay for 5 visits for $95 or 10 visits for $180.

black-white13228618smFull-day (over 6 hours) — $31: The ultimate solution for a dog whose owner works long days. No more guilt about leaving the dog alone all day or skipping lunch to go home and let the dog out. Perfect for the typical workday or just an occasional day as needed.
Prepay for 5 visits for $140 or 10 visits for $260.

*Save money through our free loyalty program! Earn a free day after you have purchased two packages listed above. 

To register your dog for day care, you will need to provide some basic information. All dogs must be current with Rabies, Annual (DHLPP) and Bordatella vaccines and on a flea and heartworm preventative.   Download our registration form: Double Dog Day Care Guest Registration Form

Here is a complete list of our services and prices: Double Dog Services and Prices

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