Professional Full-Service Grooming

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We offer full-service grooming 
using top-quality, natural safe-for-pet shampoos and conditioners. 

Nail trims $12 for non-day care dogs, please call ahead for availability. Nail trims are always $5 during your dog’s day care stay.  

All bathing services include a nail trim, ear cleaning, coat-specific shampoo, conditioner, coat spray and brushing.  De-shedding and moisturizing treatments are available.

Our prices are determined by the size of the dog, based on the following guidelines: 

      Small dogs – up to 25 lbs.

      Medium dogs – 26-50 lbs.

      Large dogs – 51-70 lbs.

      X-Large dogs – 71 lbs. and over

Prices for all services can be downloaded, click link below:

Double Dog Day Care Grooming Prices

Please note that additional charges for heavily tangled or matted coats, extremely large dogs or other unique needs which will require additional time for a positive grooming experience and to achieve the desired results may apply.

Puppy’s First Haircut — just $25!

Introduce your puppy (up to 6 months old) to professional grooming and help his or her coat grow in properly.  Includes a full-body bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and full-body trim as needed.

Basic Bath & Brush

Full-body bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim and trim around feet. 

De-Shedding, Mineral Spa Mud Bath

Loosen up and remove that dry, dull undercoat, moisturize dry, itchy skin- $15 per additional treatment.

Full Cut & Styling

Full-body bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and full-body haircut. 

Grooming Add-Ons

Add these services to any Basic Bath & Brush or Full Cut & Styling

     Anal Glands Expressed (external only)

     De-Shedding Treatment

Single Services

     Nail trim* – $12 Buffing available at no extra charge

     Ear cleaning* 

     Teeth Brushing

     Anal Glands Expressed (external only)

*included in the Basic Bath & Brush and Full Cut & Styling

Click here to book an appointment or call us at (330) 968-4272.